Argumentative Essay : Loitering By Gang Members

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6-32. Loitering by Gang Members. 1. DEFINITIONS: In this section: a. “Gang loitering” means remaining in any one place under circumstances that would warrant a reasonable person to believe that the purpose or effect of that behavior is to enable a criminal street gang to establish control over identifiable areas, to intimidate others from entering those areas, or to conceal illegal activities” (City of Milwaukee Ordinance). Over the years, cities have embraced new laws to protect citizens against gang criminal acts. Milwaukee and Chicago along with different cities in the country have established loitering and graffiti as gang related acts that can result in future gang involvement or more criminal activity. In 1987 for example, Milwaukee condemned loitering as a gang activity as it could result in the expansion of gang territory or criminal activity. However, such law was later deemed unconstitutional as it failed to specify how gang members could be targeted and therefore, failed to abide to the fourth amendment. Yet, in 2007 the same law now modified, passed with a drastic revision to the targeted group and why such had to be closely observed to protect other citizens. The new gang loitering law as described in an article by the City of Milwaukee, “Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance Becomes Law,” demanded an increase in loitering fines from $500 to $5,000max and arrest for those who failed to comply. While other cities may continue to replace loitering laws due to their…
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