Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is a very notorious topic of discussion, whether it should or shouldn't be legal. Could reasons be the fear of overpopulation, the fear of becoming a mother or is the child is not wanted? But why take a child's life for those reasons? The abortion law was passed mid-to-late 1800’s by Roe V. Wade. It is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Why I believe abortion should be viewed as bad is because how could a woman be all right with the fact to basically be considered a “murder” of a child, but not only that, there are options that they don't even consider. The first reason why I believe abortion is unacceptable is that abortion is permanent. Once the abortion procedure has started, a woman cannot change her mind. Could someone actually live with themselves after the thought of terminating a pregnancy? But as philosopher David Boonin, author of A Defense of Abortion, writes: “A human fetus, after all, is simply a human being at a very early stage in his or her development.” I see this as what a woman thinks during the process of consideration towards abortion. Lack of care within themselves to even have an abortion on their mind. Some women are even forced into an abortion decision before they are truly ready. This is not ok because we are entitled to choose and make decisions and not be forced into something we may regret in the future. Abortion should not be a thought of consideration to a women is because there are other options to consider than abortion. One thing is abortion isn't the only choice there are adoptions, giving it to close family members or friends that are willing to take it under their care. Or plain out straightforward, taking charge of what you have decided to create. Planned Parenthood’s most recent report states that “From Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012, the organization performed 327,166 abortions and only 2,197 adoption referrals. That equals just 1 adoption for every 149 abortions.” Clearly, more women choose abortion over adoption, but why? “While adoption and abortion are both difficult choices, some women think abortion will be easy and quickest solution to their unplanned pregnancy. One

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