Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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One of the most talked about procedures in society are abortions. Some people feel that they should be illegal. Which could be possible in some cases, but I look at it as things that we see on a daily basis on our news today maybe a reason why women might consider: abortions. Would you want your mother to have a baby if her life was at risk? Wonder if you were unable to carry the baby full term? This is why I feel that abortions should be okay depending on the situation such as preventing health issues, background, and responsibilities. Abortions have multiple health issues that can come along with such as incomplete abortions, pelvic infection, future childbearing, and etc. For instance, I feel that women sometimes go into emotional distress. Which could also be a barrier on the mother that would cause her even more problems. After an abortion women have both positive and negative feelings. And the fact she is no longer in an unplanned pregnancy is replaced with emotional reactions (Abortion Recovery Program). Another kind of aborting a baby is a marriage that can be caused by stress also known as spontaneous abortion. This most likely occurs when no fetal heartbeat can be detected by ultrasound. Once it is determined that a miscarriage will happen, some women elect to have the fetus removed via abortion, in order to not their body through the miscarriage process (Signs of a First Trimester Miscarriage). You could also consider having an abortion if your baby could be at

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