Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is a divisive issue and most of the public is split in half with their views on pro-life and pro-choice. Currently now is 2017, 40% of Americans say abortion should be legal, in all cases while the other 57% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases (Pew Research, 2017). However, views on abortion differ from different demographics of people and level of education of individuals. For example, majority of white people 58% are for legalizing abortion in comparison 62% of black people are in favor. Yet, men and woman have very similar views on abortion, 55% of men in favor of legalizing abortion, as do 59% of woman. Level of education is also a huge factor in an individuals views and opinions towards abortion. Every seven-in-ten college graduates are for legalizing abortion 69%, but only 49% of high school educated Americans agree to legalize abortion (Pew Research, 2017).
The main debate question still to this day is, is abortion morally wrong or morally acceptable. According to Forbes in 2017, the public was split in almost half pro-life and pro-choice. In January of 2017, Washington D.C. held the Woman’s March for Life, marking the long-running debate over abortion (Forbes, 2017). Thousands of pro-choice supports participated in the run, but also thousands of pro-life supporters attended the event holding signs with their views and opinions. Fourty-four years after the supreme courts decision, Americans are still debating this very controversial issue, and
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