Argumentative Essay On Aged Coffee

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What is Aged coffee?

Recently, there has been an increase in aging of coffee. According to the saying, “Aged wine looks great, Aged whiskey taste good so is aged coffee.” The saying is not all about aged coffee or aged whiskey. Also, aged coffee is not that exceptional, and it does not deserve the credit. Here is the history, hype, and truth about aged coffee.
The History of Aged Coffee
Coffee was introduced to Europe in the mid-1500’s, it was referred to as aged coffee. During that period, Mocha which is now Yemen was the primary supplier of coffee in Europe. Importing coffee from Yemen to Europe takes a long journey through the sea around the southern region of Africa. This long voyage is still held when coffee production spread through
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Although it is true for some aged coffees, others are merely outdated, old coffees that are rebranded as a specialty product.
Also, most people believed that coffee age well, but this is highly controversial. Some people even claim that the older a coffee gets, the better it tastes good, this statement is also controversial.
The Belief behind Aged Coffee
It is only some particular types of coffee that age well, and they need to be aged under some specified conditions or else they will lose their oils and affect the coffee taste and flavor. This can make the coffee taste sour or bitter.
According to some specialists, they claimed that the coffee does not get better with the long aging process because the coffee loses more flavor as it ages.
Which Coffee Type Age Properly?
In a nutshell, only a few types of unroasted coffee beans age suitably. However, the best beans for aging must have a low acid content, though this might not be the primary reason.
The best aging process may include low-acid coffees from Indonesia and India, notably the semi-dry processed Sulawesi and Sumatra coffees, that may develop to a spicy flavor as they age with time. Also, the acidic wet- processed Latin American coffees also get richer in taste as they
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