Argumentative Essay On Alcohol

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Alcohol – it’s a dangerous, harmful, international drug. It's legal… but you must be aware of the effects. Just a miuisule dose of alcohol can change your life – forever. Effects of alcohol include difficulties making desicoions, and a slow reaction time. However, this is just a portion of the dangerous things alcohol can do to you. Alcohol also affects your liver, nervous system and heart - this happens when ethanol enters your bloodstream. When ethanol enters your bloodstream, it slows you down - increasing your risk of accidents, attacking others - and even pregnancy as you may make extremely unsafe decisions. Why risk everything for this? Most people drink alcohol because they feel happier, and more confident. However, these short term…show more content…
Alcopops are alcohol. However, to dilute the strong taste, the spirits in alcopops are mixed with fruit juice. This means it tastes similar to a soft drink, and have bright colours. Although some teenagers may turn to these colourful drinks as it seems to look less harmful - they are wrong. Alcopops are even stronger than beers, and have a high sugar content due to the added fruit juice. So, never turn to alcopops for the sake of 'having fun'. In terms of having fun, there are many other ways to without drinking alcohol - alcohol often causes you to lose your judgement. Some people may drink alcohol because of peer pressure - but always say NO, and tell someone. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON, and no-one has the RIGHT to put you in danger like this. You may also drink because of peer infulence. This is when you are influenced by the people around you. Again, you are your own person - don't do things because you see other people do them. Just because your underage friends are doing it, is it really right? Some people may think: 'it's only one glass, it's not that bad' However, ethanol enters your body in 5-10 minutes, meaning you still will get slower in your movements, even if just by a little bit. However, if you drink too much, your movements will become more and more out of control. You will lose to ability to control yourself, and you will get tearful and angry. You will feel giddy, find it hard to stand up and you will even
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