Argumentative Essay On Animal Cloning Animals

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In 2008, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared it safe for humans to consume cloned animal products, such as meat and dairy-based products. This has captured the attention of many people throughout the entire world and has ignited debates about the many issues that accompany animal cloning. There are many ways that animal cloning can affect us, but we will focus on the more serious conflicts. Cloning can pose serious health risks to the animals involved in the process, creating complications for animal welfare. Cloning animals will also impact the consumer and agricultural industry, and the breeding stock industry. Finally, cloning animals will bring about the morals and ethics of cloning itself and if it should or should not be allowed.

About a decade ago, cloning seemed like something from a science fiction film and was thought to be impossible, but now scientists have the technology to duplicate live copies of individual organisms. This process, can have devastating effects, even if it is handled correctly. “With 96-99 percent of cloning attempts regularly causing death, deformities, or severe health problems, however, there is widespread recognition in the scientific and medical communities that cloning presents serious risks to the animals involved.[...] But questions about the impact of cloning on animal welfare have yet to be adequately addressed, much less resolved.” (American Anti-Vivisection Society 2017). Cloning is an inefficient way of producing exact
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