Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Could you imagine your pet dog, cat, guinea pig, mouse or rabbit laying on a experimenting table with their life at risk (Wright)? Most people’s stomach’s would turn at the sight of it. An estimated fifty to one hundred million animals are experimented on each year not knowing what will happen to them. Smaller animals such as mice, flies, as well as worms are euthanized after the experiment no matter the outcome, so even if the experiment works, the animals are still killed ( It should be illegal for animals to be experimented on in schools as well as in labs. These experiments can keep humans safe, however some animals such as mice and rats don’t have enough biological similarities with a human for the tests to be 100% accurate. Some scientists are throwing away animals lives for labs that have a 90% failure rate. Is an experiment with a 10% success rate really worth a life? Within scientific labs, animals of all sorts are tested for to see the toxicity of pharmaceuticals, food additives, and gardening chemicals (Wright). Abundances of animals every year die for scientific cause and according to Lindsay Marshall, PhD, Science Communication Officer at the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International says, "Animal research certainly fails animals, in terms of the distress and suffering caused, and just as importantly, animal research often fails people, too, in terms of the slow, unproductive route to useful treatments. More than 90
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