Argumentative Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Arranged Marriages “I didn't want to disappear into a forced marriage. I wanted my freedom”-Sabatina James. One of today’s societal norms is having the choice to marry who you desire. The long-age tradition of having arranged marriages in other countries and even in cultures in America today, arranged marriages have different meanings and circumstances. Some countries like China and India have modernized their tradition of arranging marriages, while other countries still use arranged marriages for wealth and status in society. Although, at the core, arranged marriages restrict any women’s rights under forceful circumstances.
Divorce rates in America have reached a high of 40 to 50 percent. Arranged marriages in today’s era, even in
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The “Meet and Greet” is a more modern way of arranged marriages, but, it worked for this couple; and they both knew that an arranged marriage was a better option for them.
“We have friends that met in college, fell in love, and you know, they fought for that. But I think our personalities are the type that we would -probably wouldn't have fought for it, because we didn't know each other that well either” (Renee Montagne 28).
The modern arranged marriage is based on personalities and finding your compliment, but, also for love and romance. The difference in modern arranged marriages compared to traditional arranged marriages is that they are not based off of marrying a daughter off for wealth, to have a higher social status or to just start having younger women once they reach a fertile age to be baby-dwellers. Based on the Muslim couple in the article Matched by Mom: Arranged Marriage
Liggett 3 in America and the foundation modern arranged marriages portray to just find a companion, is a better option for some individuals and doesn’t take away a woman’s right.
A problem with arranged marriages, though in countries that do use arranged marriages still for wealth, status and to give away their “fertile” daughters, take away a women’s rights.
“But women are the greater victims of arranged marriages. Arrange marriages
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