Argumentative Essay On Authenticity

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Going through high school everyone is constantly trying to find out how to become liked by many. Today's teens are turning to false fronts to achieve this. The thought of being authentic is completely foreign to many. In my personal life going through high school I have experience with all types of people from those who are just trying to do what they believe to be genuine, along with those who only do what will please others. Finding ourselves is difficult, it's hard to be ourselves when we don't know ourselves. Some may say I have a bias, but since I've experienced the varying levels of authenticity, my argument is impartial. Finding an exact definition for authenticity is difficult, but the most fitting for today is to be genuine to oneself as well as others. The definition of authentic is fitting because the people who are authentic are accepting of themselves as well as others. Authenticity within people is a process to find and those who find it know how hard the journey is. Jennifer Twardski from the Huffington Post speaks about authenticity, saying some qualities are, “truly listening to other” along with, “ express their thoughts, feelings, and views unapologetically”. This supports the definition of authenticity by showing that authentic people are accepting of themselves. When people learn to accept themselves, they in turn accept others because they understand that they are just trying to be themselves too. When people find themselves, they know what is right and wrong for them, in turn having no blurred lines on what they stand up for. Growing up I have been with the same people as long as I can remember. Going from middle to high school I saw these people who I thought I knew, putting themselves in danger. One conversation that stuck with me was a girl said, “I knew it was a bad idea, but I didn't wanna be the only. one not going”. This was heartbreaking. That was the girl who claimed to be authentic. In order to be genuine to herself, she should have done what she knew was the right choice, join the bandwagon. In today's day and age qualities of people are exploited, especially those in power like politicians. Politicians only want to be seen as people-pleasers. One who

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