Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Glitter and glam is what generally defines the world of childhood beauty pageants, however, not all aspects of pageants can be so charming. Beauty pageants are competitions that focus mainly on judging contestants on their physical attributes and clothing choices. Young girls across the globe are continuously taking part in beauty pageants as a part of their daily lives where they are judged based on their looks, confidence, talents, and poise. Childhood beauty pageants have drastically grown in popularity over the past few years due to reality shows following children and families that take part in pageants. Alongside the growing popularity of pageants, people have begun speaking up against the events as well. Many argue that childhood beauty pageants should be allowed because they promote dedication and focus within young children. On the other hand, many others feel that pageants sexualize children and the competitive nature of the pageants can have vast psychological tolls on contestants. Physical beauty contests have been around for centuries in different cultures. The beauty pageants as we know them today did not develop until the mid-19th century. Initially, pageants developed as plans for businesses to make money by “promoting beauty as a spectacle,” but women were not initially interested in taking part in them out of fear of being shamed for showing skin or showing off their bodies (Sang 11). Over time, however, women attending beaches in swim suits began to
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