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Think about this. Early man survived by eating one hundred percent of his calories and drinking plain water. No liquid calories! Today, the average American receives more than one fifth of their calories from soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, alcohol, and recently sports drinks, coffee and tea.

Since the 1970s, calorie intake from all of these liquids have increased dramatically, contributing somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-300 extra calories per day. Unless you increase your activity or eat less, that many calories adds up to an extra pound of body fat every 20 days or so. Milk is about the only source of liquid calories that has decreased in the last 30 years.

How has this impacted our health? According to Dr. Barry Popin of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, studies have shown that people who shift from non calorie drinks to sweetened drinks gain weight, probably because they do not compensate by eating less. Popin says that drinking calories in liquid form does not register with our appetite controls.

To address this growing problem, a panel of leading nutrition experts calling themselves the Beverage Guidance Panel was organized by Dr. Popin. The Panel has issued the following recommendations for beverage intake:

Amount / day Beverage based upon a 2,200 calorie diet

0-8 oz Calorie-Sweetened Beverages like soda or juice
0-8 oz Fruit Juices
0 oz Whole milk sparingly: Sports drinks for non athletes
16 oz Sports drinks for endurance

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