Argumentative Essay On Birth Tourism

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The 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution guarantees citizenship to every person born on American soil, a fact that has long foreigners from all over the world to give birth in the U.S. Immigrant families in the U.S is typically centered in various states of America since long times ago and it is continually going on these days. California is an example of "birth tourism” where pregnant women from China had come to U.S to give a birth so that a newly born baby can be a U. S citizen and get American opportunity. "The World Post", a partnership of The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute has an article in which an officer at the immigration desk at Los Angeles International Airport, asked a Chinese Pregnant Lady…show more content…
Feere told in an email. "And they are doing it through fraud, lying to our officials."The world Post." Federal investigations in Los Angeles found that many of the maternity hotels didn't pay taxes on millions of dollars in income, and employees of the hotels had coached pregnant mothers on how to hide their true intensions from visa and immigration officials. Based on my research, U.S, has better opportunity to its citizen. As a result, people from other country like to come U.S to get better opportunity and secure their right of freedom and liberty. An illegal entry to the U.S, increases the population and automatically unemployment rate is going up. To stop illegal entry to U.S, government must reinterpreted the constitution. I strongly agree that 14th amendment should be reinterpreted to require one parent be an American citizen so that illegal immigration number of pregnant women enter to the U.S land would decrease. Government should take an action to minimize illegal entry of pregnant women and depot them back to their own

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