Argumentative Essay On Blackfish

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Blackfish, a documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, analyzes the horrific treatment, containment, and use of Orca whales within entertainment facilities. The discussion of treatment began in 2010, when Dawn Brancheau was killed and drowned by the whale, Tilikum. Since this incident, there have been multiple investigations into SeaWorld and similar facilities. It is argued that the whales should be released from these facilities due to the posed dangers they have to humans, and themselves. The film is directly targeted at the general population, with the intent to notify the public about the cruel management and the inhumane practices of SeaWorld. They use Logos to assure that Orca whales are more than a simple creature. They inform the audience that Orcas are intellectual, and are capable of understanding emotion. The film supports this claim by further saying that orcas have a limbic system that is more complex than that of humans. Additionally, Blackfish supports its argument by claiming that scientists have used MRI's on the whales, proving them to be conscious of human-like relationships and feelings. This source of Logos becomes very apparent when the film shows the Orca whales being taken from their ocean environment. They become lethargic and show signs of depression while captive in their tanks. Another sign of the whales having the capacity to understand emotion and human-like relationships is when one of the mother Orcas gives birth. Form research, it is found

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