Argumentative Essay On Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is beneficial to the community. It provides the society with a sense of security. The death penalty contains a positive influence on the future. A heavily debated topic is, “Does capital punishment deter people more than a life sentence to prison?” An explanation on why will be covered later. An issues many people have with capital punishment, is when it is just or not just. This is a topic many stray away from, because it is difficult to decide. Finding the right consequence for an action is difficult. While this paper is for the use of capital punishment, it is clearly not needed for every crime, or even every murder. Overusing capital punishment, such as using it for every murder, will negatively impact the country, and not using it has the same effect.

Allowing people who have committed mass murder to live in prison is not just. It does not seem correct to force the families who have lost loved ones to the murderer, pay for his stay in prison. Although, if the murderers are sentenced to death, it will give some a sense of security, knowing the government is protecting the citizens. Martin Perlmutter has a good article on capital punishment and explains the utilitarian view. Perlmutter argues that although the utilitarian view is not perfect, since it focuses on the future without looking at the past, it does contain some valid points. The focus will be on how Utilitarians believes punishment should be based, which is on the future. Capital punishment usually creates positive outcomes for the future. The following paragraph will cover deterrence in depth, but Utilitarianism believes this is when capital punishment is beneficial to the society. If capital punishment did not have any benefits over a life sentence to prison, Utilitarianism would not support it. Criticism of Utilitarianism is made by Perlmutter here, and it is agreeable to look back as well as forward. Citizens need to understand what and why the criminal committed in the past. Perlmutter believes our moral concepts look backwards, explaining why focusing on the future is harmful.

Deterrence has played a sizeable role in the capital punishment argument for both sides. Author of “The Ultimate Punishment”
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