Argumentative Essay On Captive Animals

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Animals Deserve Better It is widely known that captive animals live unhappy lives. Although they are majestic and entertaining to watch, that is not what they are meant to do. On occasion, they become so overwhelmed and upset they die under the care of their false environment. The news is often restrained as much as possible from being heard. Zoos, and every so often aquariums, also breed animals and then proceed to sell them; at times even to people who use them for hunting purposes. Animals should not be held captive, it is extremely unhealthy and stressful for them. Animals may be born in captivity, however this does not make the animal’s conditions any more tolerable. According to the article Orca Babies Need Families, Concrete Tanks and Humans “a baby orca of 3 months of living died in captivity at SeaWorld.” Without the guidance of their family, baby Orcas become stressed and their overall health is greatly affected (Marino). Another example of a tragic animal death is Tilikum the killer whale, quite legitimately so, died January. Tilikum was born in Iceland, however, he was captured and brought to SeaWorld as a forced performer, he also was later used as a sperm whale. After being captured, Tilikum was transferred to a place where he received multiple attacks from the female whales who were there before him. SeaWorld decided to “resolve” this problem by isolating him in a small captivity space for up to 14 hours at a time, this undoubtedly resulted in

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