Argumentative Essay On Charles Darwin

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Charles Robert Darwin

Charles Darwin, full name Charles Robert Darwin born on the 12th of February in a small town of Shrewsbury, England. He was the second youngest of 6 other siblings he had. Darwin actually came from a long line of scientists. His father DR.R.W Darwin he was a medical doctor and also his grandfather, DR. Erasmus Darwin who was a renowned botanist. To no surprise led Darwin to be involved with science from such a young age as he grew up around scientists all his childhood.

Darwin was a English naturalist whose scientific theory of evolution of what he called natural selection actually became the foundation of the modern evolutionary studies still today is unanswered with many more theories. Furthermore Darwin actually came up with this scientific theory of evolution by natural section whilst being on his 5-year voyage during 1837-39 however kept this private for some time.

In addition to this whilst away on his 5-year voyage abroad HMS beagle he studied the variation in animals as well as plants as he travelled and saw different animals and plants surviving on where they are. This then led to Darwin to use his phrase of natural selection and survival of the fittest.

Without a doubt Darwin’s idea of evolution led to a lot of controversy between many people as it still occurs today and is particularly seen as conflicting the creation of the world as well as many religious views due to different beliefs of how humans have come along. This hasn’t actually
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