Argumentative Essay On Child Brides

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In some parts of the world, children are viewed as a wonderful gift from God, yet in others they are seen as a useless burden. To obtain value in a third world country which has absolutely nothing is nearly impossible, especially for a child that is born into a family who sees her as a social and financial catastrophe simply because of her gender. Perhaps this is why in multiple countries; children, specifically girls, are sold off into marriage on an hourly basis. Child marriage has been happening for hundreds of years and can be branched into many forms, including consensual and, the more often used, nonconsensual. Unfortunately, child brides are a repercussion of the families and parents who allow them to be married off so young. In the cultures which a child bride is raised in, a family sees them as nothing except a chance to get some money, the societies these children grow up in view it as tradition making it impossible to try to escape the cycle, and they will never have the chance to escape because of lack of education. Child marriage can be defined as, “ a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, is a reality for both boys and girls, although girls are disproportionately the most affected” (Unicef, 2016) This can include consensual marriage, however it is generally an arranged marriage of some sort. Child brides are generally found within Africa and South America as well as the lower parts of Asia, however child marriage is dominantly found in
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