Argumentative Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity has become one of the greatest health challenges in the world and will more than likely go on to be the country’s most important health problem in the future. It occurs when children have excess body fat due to their poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States that is putting children at risk for poor health. Like many other serious health conditions, childhood obesity can have immediate and long-term effects on a child’s health. Poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits are the primary reason precipitating obesity in children. Research in the United States documents that most children eat processed junk foods, fast foods, candy, baked or fried foods, and juices/sodas that contain high amounts of sugar and calories. As a result of all of this, their bodies absorb excess calories and fat that are stored resulting in them becoming obese. Most of the children who are obese are taking in more calories than they burn. “Adolescents aged 12-17 who are overweight are consuming between 700-1,000 more calories per day than what is needed for the growth, physical activity and body function of a healthy weight teen.” These factors are extremely important to the health of a child and should be taken seriously by all means. Television and advertising companies have been linked to childhood obesity. Advertisers spend on average two million dollars in the United States each year marketing food to children. The
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