Argumentative Essay On Childhood Vaccines

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“You have to follow your own heart when it comes to medical decision-making,” stated author and mother Emily Matchar when voicing her opinion on childhood vaccines. When it comes to vaccine parents are given the privilege to exempt their child based on medical, religious, or philosophical values, varying by state. This has allowed many to deviate from the original meaning of these exemptions and manipulate them as they see fit. This has helped to fuel the anti-vaccine movement that pushes for parents to fully decide which vaccines their child will receive without government regulations. Since 1998, the movement has harassed the public health community. With the introduction of incomplete, faulty research that “proved” Autism Spectrum Disorder …show more content…

Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to a broad range of disorders generalized under the one name because of symptom similarities. Dr. Leo Kanner began diagnosing the mental health issues in 1943 as social and emotional disorders caused by, later coined in a book, “refrigerator mothers” (A History of Autism). This referred to working mothers that did not show their children the affection that was expected socially during the era. The radical ideas progressed and children were treated, 1960’s to the 1970’s, using unreliable methods such as shock therapy, punishment methods to alter behavior, and Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD (A History of Autism). None of the methods proved to procure positive, constant results but these continued into the next decade until genuine therapies were finally developed to help diagnosed patients. Today, these therapies are still used in an attempt to progress learning and speech through behavioral therapies (A History of …show more content…

During their checkup at 9 months old doctors will begin monitoring for developmental delays that may be observable. In order to medically diagnosis, tests for vision, hearing, neurological, and genetic mutations are performed to centralize the possible cause. Some observable symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder include children avoiding eye contact and not directly looking at objects. Many have repetitive tendencies consisting of either actions or words. Autism Spectrum Disorder patients will not develop adaptations including social skills or the ability to acclimate to change. Although components of Autism Spectrum Disorder are still being discovered researchers still have a vast amount of knowledge already to build from

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