Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Currently, the world is facing a big problem. A problem so big, that it puts at risk the world as we know it today. This big, well actually huge problem, is climate change. Climate change is one of the most debated topics now a day, especially recently when the Paris Accords arose to the public eye. The Paris Accords gave even more to talk about when the President of the United States joined the small, now one country group that would not be signing the accords. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, had already stated his point of view on climate change, he has always stated climate change is a myth; therefore, it was no surprise when he decided the United States would not be a part of such deal. The other country that will not be making part of the accords is Syria that has a perfectly understandable explanation as to why they will not be joining the accords. However, The United States finds itself totally divided. The division and uncertainty in the nation over the President began since he was elected, however, this decision to “back out” of the Paris Accords which seek to minimize the world’s pollution brought not only anger but hate towards the President. Most Americans were very shocked by this news and began to show their concern and outrage towards this decision publically. All this information brings to mind an important question, first of all, what is climate change and furthermore, what are the Paris Agreement for Climate Change and how is it affected
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