Argumentative Essay On Creation Vs. Evolution

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Creation vs. Evolution

Recent studies show us that there is a number of ideas the try to explain how the earth was made. Some of the ideas and theories we all have are Creation and Evolution. Creation is the belief that god was the one that created the world and all the living animals and plants that are known today. On the hand Evolution is the theory that is based on the idea that all species are related and gradually change over time [ what is Evolution? Online ]

In 1858 Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace published a new evolutionary theory. Later in Darwin's research he discovered that all animals are different shapes and sizes and different couloirs and come with different uses. Darwin proposed common descent and a branching tree of life, this meaning that two very different species could share a common ancestor. [ History of evolution, online ] Darwin based his theory on the idea of natural selection. Natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more
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In the bible it tells us that god created the world in 6 days(monday till saturday) and he had one day of rest which is Sunday. This is why we have a 7 day week. First he created light and darkness and named light day and dark night and named …………………………………...

It is clearly more evident that Evolution relates towards modern day biology better than Intelligent Design. Also there is much more reliable and relevant information on the

It's is very clear that evolution is more understanding and relates towards modern day biology than creation. Evolution is also much more relevant and has much more reliable theories and evidence to prove how the world was created. All though creation is still valid and has some evidence to prove itself i still believe evolution has more evidence to support itself and that it is more
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