Argumentative Essay On Criminal Justice

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The movie 13th the judicial system portrayed in the movie was unfair and was a reasonable representation of the actual laws. The ideas of the laws in the past have changed from the enforcing of Jim Crow Laws, segregation and lynching have changed. To a society where the collerd are still punished more than whites, but not as easy to push under the rug.
In the past people of authority created the sense of fear of the black community to be savages and dangerous to the community of white people about they will rape white women. After the Civil War the sloth was doing bad since they relied on the blacks for the economy wealth, but because of the 13 amendment which made it illegal for free people to work as a slave. Their economy was dependent on them for the free labor of the slaves to function. Therefor the economy suffered, so they had to come up with a loop hole; which happened to be the 13 amendment. People in the south needed people to rebuild the communities and economy so they were arresting people of color on minor crimes and charging for a long time, that was the loophole in the amendment a person who is prison can be treated as a slave.
The film Birth of a Nation caused many problems that were fading away, it caused the rebirth of the KKK in the United States because of the thought they are doing justice in the community. By getting rid of a threat which may not even exist in the person who they are killing. Killers did not get punished for doing the killing
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