Argumentative Essay On Dangerous Drones

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Dangerous Drones They fly in the sky, are used in the military, and can be a toy for a child. Drones. Drones are now being used for many things, such as in the military, as toys for children, or used to deliver items all over the country. Drones are becoming more and more prevalent in this day and time. Drones have been built and rebuilt to fit the needs of the current situations. While these drones could be seen as a helping hand, they are really doing more bad than good in this fight on terrorism. These drones traumatize and kill many civilians, they have contributed to the increase in anti-American terrorist groups, and in the world, more people oppose the drone strikes then support them. Civilians all around the world are being traumatized and/or killed because of drone strikes. According to Source K, between 174 and 1047 Pakistanis, Yemenis, and Somalis have been killed by drone strikes in their countries(Source K). Innocent people are being killed because these drones are being let loose to conduct strikes on possible terrorists. Because some of these civilians fit the profile of a terrorist the government is looking for, they are killed because the drones are being operated by pilots across oceans and they can not always be 100% sure that they are getting the…show more content…
People have increasingly been joining anti-American groups because they are so traumatized and so terrified of these drone strikes. These people feel they need to fight back to keep their homes, families, and friends safe from these dangerous drones. "America's drone warfare has traumatized whole areas of Pakistan and Yemen, probably feeding anti-American fervor and possibly boost terrorist recruitment efforts"(Source I). Because so many places have been traumatized by these attacks in Pakistan, anti-American activity has been
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