Argumentative Essay On Digital Music

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Digital Harm
"Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business." ~ Jon Bon Jovi"(Arias 124). Jon Bon Jovi, the famous 80s pop-rocker, made his claim during the time after the creation of the internet, when which the music industry had begun to decline. Given his role as a musician, he witnessed firsthand how the internet hurt the music industry. Although the benefits of the internet may seem abundant, digital music is not flawless. Despite being viewed by some as a positive addition to music, the current state of digital music limits the music industry’s ability to invest in new artists to keep the music industry alive.
Due to the increasing popularity of online file sharing, record labels lose money whether they protect their music or not. The book 2000s Music, written by author David Larkins and musician Greg Wilson, states., after Napster was sued, illegal file sharing grew even more popular as opposed to less (Larkins 1). The popularity of free digital music harms musicians for obvious reasons, a loss of revenue. Since the internet cannot control illegal downloads, the pay musicians receive is negatively affected. J.J. Arias, a Georgian University Professor of Economics stated in his academic journal, the enforcement of copyright laws in the digital realm proves to be a costly venture (Arias 124). Illegal file sharing networks are mostly ignored since it often costs more to find and remove file sharing than it is to ignore it. Because of this,

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