Argumentative Essay On Digital Technology

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A Pew Research Center survey uncovered that “92% of adolescents ages 12-17” reported using the internet daily (Wartella, 2016). Not only is technology commonly used by adults, but this data from the Pew Research Center suggests adolescents additionally use technology for countless other purposes. The increasing omnipresence of the Internet in the lives of adolescents is by now well recognized. Furthermore, adolescents use digital technology at a scale never seen before to operate both unprofessional and professional applications without fully understanding the consequences. Adolescents use technology as both a personal and an educational tool; however, the long-term developmental effects technology will have are highly debated. Within that decade of development, digital technology has come to be used for a multitude of things, including personal communication and educational development.
Unlike teens, who emphasize on social aspects of the internet, adults commonly make use of the practical applications such as banking, marketing, and commercial communication. Until the last decade, technology has been used primarily for business, where it was believed too expensive for personal use. Since the availability of digital technology has become far more common in the recent years, the concern for how this technology is affecting students has grown tremendously. Most teens are not using digital technology for online business and marketing; regardless, the equipment both teens and
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