Argumentative Essay On Disabled People

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Someone’s disability does not define them and I think that’s something people need to realize. In society today, people with disabilities are treated as social outcasts. Disabled individuals are more vulnerable to crime, they aren’t treated the best in public, and they get discriminated against in the workplace. Although there are laws against discrimination in regards to the disabled, that doesn’t stop it from happening.
The mentally and physically disabled are more vulnerable to hate-crimes. Children with any form of disability are more than twice as likely to get physically abused rather than nondisabled kids (Tyiska). On that note, 1% of all hate-crimes are against disabled individuals (Tyiska). However, many hate-crimes directed towards the disabled are never reported due to the victim feeling embarrassed, thus leading to more violent acts being committed (Tyiska).
Not only are hate crimes high, but the public treatment of people with disabilities isn’t that great. For instance, author Tiffiny Carlson says store employees regularly ¨assume you’re ill-equipped mentally because of an obvious physical disability¨. Also, taxis often pass by individuals with an obvious disability to avoid the extra work that may come along with giving them a ride (Carlson). Lastly, people can be inconsiderate of the fact that handicapped parking is very necessary for
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