Argumentative Essay On Domestic Abuse

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Domestic abuse has touched the lives of most people, whether the victim was themselves, a family member, or a friend. They’ve seen it happen to countless women and men too. It’s incredibly important to start education of domestic abuse awareness early, because the effects of abuse go far deeper into the lives of survivors than is acknowledged, and the effects can be present for years after the abuse stops. Even teenagers -- still literal children -- are at risk for this new epidemic.
Most teenagers have heard the statistic “one in three”. It’s in high school bathrooms, hallways, and locker rooms. They know this means that one in three teenage relationships is abusive. What they don’t know, however, goes much deeper. These consequences
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So if you see something like your child has an anger problem. If you see it early, talk about it early,” (Sweat).
The single worst deterrent to domestic abuse prevention is the lack of acknowledgment, and that problem starts at home. In 2009, NBC News quoted Marjorie Gilberg, director of teen-violence prevention organization Break The Cycle, saying ‘“There’s definitely a lack of awareness about the prevalence of abuse among teens in their relationships,”’ (“Most States”). Only 19% of parents firmly believe that teenage dating violence is a prevalent issue (“Dating Abuse Statistics”). And while 82% of parents believe they would know if their child was experiencing dating abuse, 58% of parents could not correctly identify the signs. Loveisrespect, an organization dedicated to providing accurate information about dating, healthy behavior, and abuse, makes the bold statement that college students are ill-equipped to cope with dating abuse. Fifty-seven percent of college students say that dating abuse is problematic to identify, and fifty-eight percent of college students say that they wouldn’t know how to help a victim currently experiencing dating abuse.With nearly half (43%) of dating college women experiencing violent/abusive behaviors, this is information that needs to be distributed (“Get the Facts and Figures”). If one girl isn’t experiencing abuse, her friend or classmate is. Boyfriend/girlfriend
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