Argumentative Essay On Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Domestic Violence isn’t something small or unimportant it is something that isn’t right to do.Many women and men go through this and don’t say anything because they live in fear of what will happen if they do speak up. No person should live their life in fear with the person who is meant to love you. The reason i am saying this is because I think it’s an important topic and also because my mom went through this . Also because people should speak up and not feel like someone has control over their life . Domestic violence is not only about being aggressive in being in a relationship but it can also result with someone dying in getting beaten to death. When hearing the words domestic violence some people think that it only happens to women .But that's not true domestic violence can happen to men as well . “1of 7 is the number of men who will be victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes” says Alanna Vagianos form the article “30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics that remind us it’s an Epidemic.There has been 18,000 of women who have been killed by men is a situation of domestic violence since the year 2003. Some women that go through this situation also get raped or assaulted during their relationship.Domestic violence can also occur in gay , bisexual ,& lesbian partners..Alanna says “Every minute 20 people are victims of intimate partner violence.”and also “A women is beaten every nine seconds in the US.” For domestic
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