Argumentative Essay On Drug Addiction

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One Friday night, Dan decided to go out with his friends to a party. He was nice, and hardworking guy, but that night he made the decision that changed his life. He decided to inhale cocaine because all his friends were pressuring him to do it. After that day, he felt the need of inhaling more drugs. He would look around the house and inhale hairspray, nail polish remover, and anything calms him down. Months passed, he was addicted to inhaling drugs. One day, he felt nauseous and fainted. His worried family rushed him to the hospital. His blood flow was reduced, and if he was not rushed to the hospital, he would have been dead. Many people believe that drugs are for fun and will make them feel better. Nonetheless, drug addiction is pernicious because of death and family problems.
Many people believe drug addiction is a brain disease but it is a choice made by people. The article, Addiction is a choice, states “addiction is a behavior thus clearly intended by an individual person." When people are offered or pressured to do drugs, they have the right to walk away or deny, but many choose to do it just to prove that they are brave. In the article why do children experiment with illegal drugs, one of the main reason why young people use drugs is the influence of peer pressure, the presumption being that adolescent is pressured into taking drugs by their drug-using friends (McIntosh)? With this reason, many teens are more likely to do more drugs because next time they
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