Argumentative Essay On Ebony

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“I can assure you, Ebony, that I am genuinely real. I have been with you ever since you were born, it is now, yet, that you have noticed my existence,” The wolf whispered. Ebony blinked several times, processing the creature. When she looked closer, Ebony could now see the gray mist that frayed off the wolf’s fur. This gave the wolf an extra layer of mystery, but also a new layer of creepy. Ebony took in a deep breath and enquired, “Who or what are you? How do you know my name? Why are you bothering me when I have done nothing to you?” The wolf observed Ebony with patience. “I have not come here to present myself as a threat to you, Ebony. I am Allister, and I have appeared to you now because you need help,” Allister stated, “Tell me, why are…show more content…
While yes you have endured tragedies early on, you stayed strong through those tragedies even if you never realized it,” Allister admitted while gesturing for Ebony to walk with him, in which she obliged hesitantly, “For 11 years I have watched you grow up in that orphanage. I have watched you struggle with the grief and betrayal your parents abandoned you with like a never-ending battle. You never knew if there would be an end, but you kept marching on; you still had fight in your eyes. Over recent years, however, you have given up. That fight in your eyes has burned out. You succumbed yourself to the darkness that inhabits your soul. The nightmares you have been having is you letting the tragedies of your past keep you from seeing hope.” Ebony turned her head to the midnight wolf, pain and distress evident in her jade eyes. She disclosed, “I hate to break it do you but there is no hope for me, whether I can see it or not. I’m too broken and infected to be saved.” Ebony knew this Allister meant well, that he wanted to help her, but some things that break can’t be fixed. Why can’t he see that? She asked herself. “That is a false claim. Anyone can be saved; it is only a matter of letting people see your pain in order for them to help,” Allister rebutted. Ebony stared at Allister in
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