Argumentative Essay On Education

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There has been well over 27 million college degrees and credentials awarded since the president took office in 2009. Most of these students are making up their student debt successfully. Education is one of the most important tools needed in order to be successful in life. Some people are not even aware of how our education is doing presently. The education next pole showed that 57 percent of the people who took the pole did not know about the common core. There has been a recent protest about our education system. For example, the Betsy DeVos protest that has recently been taking place after Donald Trump has selected her as the new secretary of education. They protested about her insufficient education experience and her lack of respect to public schools. DeVos supported shutting down schools that are labeled as failing schools in Detroit. Instead of improving failing schools, she donated funds to new and private schools. She also has never attended a public or college school, which explains her bias towards private education. This is an example of what people think of our education today is. The education system in America today is at its very most best, resulting in more graduates going to college and paying off their student debt successfully.

The education system in the United States today is at an all time high and keeps breaking its own record for the fifth straight year in a row. According to Anya Kamentz, the lead blogger for the nprED news for education, “We

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