Argumentative Essay On Faith And Science

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“That’s because new evidence comes into the light all the time, Miss. Singer.” Mr. McLaren said in a tizzy. “Maybe,” I said, giving him attitude right back. “But you made it sound like God and science can’t coincide, and I have faith they can. Like take sciences theory of the Big-bang, which may actually be the same thing as the Bible’s theory of God saying, ‘Let there be light.’ And, in bringing both theories together. God creating the Heavens and the Earth may be the same as all matter being created simply out of nothing.” “Miss. Singer, I have no doubt that you have a deep faith in your superstitions. But in the scientific community. We rely on cold, hard facts not faith.” Mr. McLaren then said to me in a series of little head shakes. Like belittling me was somehow going to shut me up, and not just piss me off. “What’s wrong with having faith to help explain the things that you don’t yet have the evidence to explain or all the answers to?” I asked now really wanting to provoke a controversy. “Because faith is hokum, Miss. Singer,”…show more content…
“Faith is like the squirrels in my front yard.” “What, Miss. Singer?” “Yeah, I have these squirrels livin’ in the trees in my front yard, and all day long I see them foraging for food. Every time you look at them, they’re either eatin’ somethin’ or lookin’ for somethin’ to eat. It’s non-stop, all day. Now, for as much time as I’ve spent watchin’ them eating. I have never ever seen a single one take a crap, but I have faith they do. Now, are you gonna tell me that my faith is wrong, that they don’t poop?” The whole class just stared at me. “Miss. Singer, I don’t have time for this.” Mr. McLaren then said before moving on with his lecture and not bothering to call on me for the rest of the class.


Fifth period eventually rolled around, and I found myself back in the cafeteria—the leper sitting by herself—hunkered down at my table in the far corner of the
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