Argumentative Essay On Fake News

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BK1 Sangita BK Professor Sherry Sherifian Government 2305-71432 23rd November, 2017 If the news does not have true information and which is intended just for publicity and has deliberate misinformation then we can pre-assume that news is fake. Fake news can be written, published or broadcasted with an intention to damage a person’s or company reputation or so as to gain popularity. The headlines of the fake news are eye catching which compels people to at least once go through it. 1 If I had to help someone spot fake news then I would definitely recommend to analyse the news through “With technology permeating every corner of our lives, it is vital that we begin teaching students from a young age the basics of understanding the difference between real and fake news”( Crate 4). This is 21st century where almost all the people want popularity , money. “Much fake news is sold and consumed on the premise that mainstream outlets cover up important information that is only available through alternative sources” (Uscinski 55). People are in competition how to be in center of spot. Almost every other people gets fake news in every moment of time. If I spot someone who got fake news, I would first tell him or her to be calm not to panic and not to be judgmental very quickly. I will tell him or her to analyze the news carefully. Try to go deep into the news. Do not just surfacely go through the news. Ask yourself the question is it possible for that particular news to

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