Argumentative Essay On Fake News

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Fake news is completely made up and manipulated to attract maximum attention and resemble credible journalism. With each click, these stories are able to acquire an increasing rate of revenue through their advertisements. Most of today’s fake news can be found spreading around social media because most people don’t realize what they share contains misinformation that’s being applied in order to appeal to its readers. It’s easy for readers to fall into these traps because the headlines that journalists use to attract attention and encourage users to click on them by using a strategy that is known as “clickbait”. By learning how to spot fake news, society would be able to present a policy to address fake news. Fake news can be understood by considering the source and supporting sources, checking for biases, and reading beyond just the headline. Knowing which articles that have been written and published with the intent to mislead is crucial for being able to spot fake news. There has yet to be a true definition of the phrase fake news, it all depends on the individual’s interpretation on what fake news is. A broad definition for this neologism term is plainly to describe stories that are fabricated to entice more readers, so journalists can generate an additional advertising revenue, which is being further explained in figure 1. Even though the figure is showing only Facebook as a basis for fake news, they can be produced and published on many other sites. As people read

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