Argumentative Essay On Fan Fiction

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Since the internet began, the popularity of social media has grown exponentially. With all of these new ways to communicate thoughts and ideas, the rise of fan fiction was inevitable. With the popularity came equally strong opposition from those who prefer traditional storytelling from published authors. Fan fiction has a notorious reputation for being unorthodox and unconventional as well as being a harmful influence on minors. Others would argue the exact opposite: fan fiction helps minors find their peers while boosting their confidence in their abilities. One of the results of the ever-growing ease in sharing opinions with others is a long-lasting debate as people try to endlessly convince the other side that fan fiction is either authentic literature or merely the inappropriate fantasies of pre-teens. One medium this discussion has appeared in is the blogging platform, a place where people of all ages can go to meet people with similar interests and mindsets. Naturally, this can lead to long, heated debates between users, or open-ended posts offering one's thoughts on the issue. One such post is “On Fanfiction,” where Tumblr user shadesofmauve claims that as long as a story has an emotional effect on its reader, it is valid literature. Shadesofmauve begins with a brief list of the standard defenses for fanfiction, acknowledging that the more common arguments are “good and valid defenses,” but that there always seems to be something missing. She
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