Argumentative Essay On Food Stamps

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Food Stamp of Approval Everyone is guilty of judging another person at some point in his or her life whether they realize it or not. For instance, if you see a child screaming uncontrollably in Wal-Mart, you might think his parents didn’t raise him in a “correct” way. Society makes it so easy to criticize others between all the tabloids and articles on social media. While criticizing others may be easy, we all know it is wrong. While the problem remains in our judgement of the people around us, the solution centers around tolerance and equality. Because I am a cashier at Town & Country, I see many different people come into the familiar regularly. It is my job to treat customers with utmost respect while they are shopping there. However, I sometimes tend to silently disprove of some people due to their payment methods. Most states offer food stamps to people who need some financial assistance. Food stamps allow people to buy strictly food items without using their own money. The initial purpose of food stamps is simply to provide help for those families who qualify for the program. Although food stamps are meant to assist those in need, some individuals tend to abuse the system. That infuriates the taxpayers in the United States. Taxpayers get frustrated when individuals on food stamps come in and buy very expensive or unhealthy groceries. The taxpayers then think their money is being used to support an individual’s unhealthy eating habits.
Society has twisted the meaning

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