Argumentative Essay On Freedom Of Religion

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Religion is one of the most powerful influences in the world. Though there are different religious groups with many denominations and subgroups within these religious groups, they all share a common belief in a higher power. A higher power that inspires them to obey the golden rule, to trust in the good of our fellow human, and to love and not hate. Despite the commonalities, variations in culture, society, and religious doctrine can sometimes create conflict. Add to these variations, economics, poverty, charismatic religious leaders, and deeply held religious dogma, people can be turned into extreme actions and thoughts. Murder is a universally accepted sin, but in the extreme cases of religious zealots, can be justified in the name of God. The most extreme case would be an act of terrorism involving mass murder and/or mass destruction such as the attacks in the US on September 11th, 2001 (9/11). Unfortunately, a belief in honor, fidelity, kindness, and love can be perverted from love for a greater power to manipulation of the mind of innocent followers to commit acts of atrocity.
Although the United States of America (US) is a secular society, freedom of religion is guaranteed to US citizens by the amendment to the Constitution of the United States known as the Bill of Rights. The various religious groups in the US agreed that with their differences they would share a common code of law that would not be governed by religious affiliation, but they would retain their
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