Argumentative Essay On Freedom Of Religion

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America gained its independence in 1776 through perseverance, dedication, and the desire for a better life. America's Founding Fathers established the Constitution as a foundation of rules and values for the American people to live by. People still fight to this day in order to uphold the freedom of religion, the freedom to bear arms, and the freedom of speech. These freedoms come at a very high price and people will continue to fight for them. The freedom of religion, a huge part of society, will always be a vital part of the world. From the Jews in Nazi Germany to Catholics in the Protestant Reformation to Muslims after 9/11, religion will always be a huge part of society and its issues. The Jews fought for religious rights during WWII; according to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, over six millions jews died at the time (“Documenting Numbers”). In the end the Jews received freedom, but at the cost of losing many people. During the Protestant Reformation the Catholics went through a rough patch because some believed corruption occurred in the church. People wanted a change with different beliefs and doings than the Catholic Church. Things started falling apart and people put in effort to try and fix things, but it didn’t work out the way they planned. Wars broke out between Protestants and Catholics not agreeing with each other on which side did the right thing. Many people lost their lives and lost loved ones because of this. In the end the Catholics finally ended
Jones 2 with what they wanted and stayed if they wanted and the Protestants went off and started their own religion. According to The Cause and Results of the Reformation, the Reformation has drastically changed the view of politics and law (Arnold). Muslims took quite a beating after the attack on 9/11. They prosecuted them because people thought all Muslims needed blaming for the attacks. When Muslim terrorists carry out these actions it makes more people worry about who’s trustworthy and who isn’t. People still don’t trust Muslims because they think all Muslims are bad and might possibly be terrorists. Donald Trump wanting to put a ban on all Muslims just sets fuel to the fire and makes some people want to continue the attacks.
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