Argumentative Essay On Genetic Engineering

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Imagine if we could make disease a thing of the past and extend the average human lifespan past 100 years. With genetic engineering, someday this future could become reality. Genetic engineering can cure genetic diseases, and extend and empower human life. However, many people have overestimated and reacted to ethical and safety concerns associated with this new technology.
Genetic engineering is the modification of an organism’s genetic material. This has been done worldwide in genetically modified crops, and to a limited extent in animals. In human genetic engineering, the modification is done in the embryo, altering the traits the child is born with and will pass on. Laws have been passed in many countries making this illegal. In the U.S., this is a highly debated and controversial subject, but human genetic engineering is legal.
The human body is not perfect. Mutations in genes cause genetic diseases, which can be crippling to live with, difficult to diagnose, and even harder to cure. Babies in particular are vulnerable. According to the Popular Science article, “Infant Possibilities”, by Melinda Moyer, genetic diseases are the leading cause of death in infants. Moyer said that many of these diseases are caused by only a single gene mutation. They are relatively simple genetically but there are thousands of extremely rare illnesses around the world. Now, new genetic technology is available from a few companies that can help parents have a healthy baby, if either parent

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