Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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Global warming is a very important issue of which there are divided opinions. During the last 50 years global warming has increased at a remarkably accelerated speed, which may raise suspicions to find out why this is happening in this way. Some people believe that global warming is not real, but scientists say that if we do not slow gas emissions to the atmosphere, temperatures could rise by about 10 ° in the next century. There are many theories and reports that try to explain the reasons why this remarkable increase in temperature is happening. There is only one thing that is certain, and that is that if we do not join together to do something before it is too late, our planet will suffer great damage.

There are an infinity of divided opinions on the subject of global warming. Many people wonder what is the main cause of it. Is there will be something we can do to stop it? Global warming is something that must be treated with great caution, since we are talking about a subject that can damage our planet in different aspects. Could our poles melt? Could most of the animal species be extinguished? These are just some of the questions our scientists ask each day. The truth is only one, which seriously saddens the harsh reality. The unwise human activity is causing drastic changes in global warming, which is affecting our planet.
Global warming is a very complex process to discuss, scientists try to explain detail in detail about the consequences it can bring if we do nothing about it. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other gases join in the atmosphere and absorb solar radiation from the planet. Some of these gases are trapped in the atmosphere, enclosing the heat to make the temperature of the planet warm. For many this is what is known as greenhouse effect. According to, in the United States the use of fossil fuels to make electricity is the largest source of heat for the emission of gases to occur, producing almost 2 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. That is an undoubtedly terrifying figure. Power plants play an important role in the matter too. The second most notable source that emits carbon dioxide in the country is transportation, which generates around
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