Argumentative Essay On Grief

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The most common effect of death in a family is known as grief. When we understand it better, it makes the process a little less daunting. We have to realize as humans, we are not alone. Everyone has lost someone they loved and it's a natural thing to deal with. There is no normal way of dealing with death. It doesn't have patterns or a set way of dealing with it.
The first step in this process is realizing that it is okay to freak out and act crazy. Everything hits you all at once and you don't know how to react. This is all okay because realizing the craziness is the first step to healing.
After we lose someone close to us, everything takes a heavy toll on ourselves. Doing the most basic task exhausts us, "we become so weak that we
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It's a process that has to be dealt with. Another symptom that people experience is the feeling of numbness. People become so sad about their loss that nothing seems to matter to them anymore. The feeling of joy is gone and nothing brings happiness anymore. People go through their day without feeling anything. Their sadness spreads all over them and they can't control it. Grief is an immediate feeling. It can have various results such as pain, depression, and sadness. Our weakness begins to show more now than ever when we are grieving. We Losing a loved one is different for every person. Every person is different but there is definitely a clear pattern. In total, there are three outcome patterns. The first outcome pattern is chronic grief. Chronic grief is when someone becomes extremely depressed and a high level of grief. This type of grief can last for many years. The second type of grief is called the common grief pattern. This is when a elevation of symptoms such as depression, stress, and anxiety occur but last about a year or two. The third type of grief is when a person is not affected at all by the death of someone. This is very common for people. People may still be sad but they just are not emotional about it and grieve in different ways.
After there is a death in the family, the family structure completely changes and a new homeostasis takes shape.
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