Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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The general problem when considering the idea of whether gun control policies should be revised to better the safety of their country is that even when suggesting that one state becomes stricter then they are currently this sparks another problem. This source states that the “problem with changing policy for advocates and non advocates is agreeing on what policy is appropriate” (Coates). When considering this, many government officials as well as citizens will find it hard to agree on the views of each other because this topic is extremely controversial. This is the main conflict when deciding whether to adjust the policies and declare which states should have to alter their regulations. Some states such as Michigan may feel that the need for guns is imperative because of the high rates of crime and violence in their neighborhood. People in Michigan would not want to give up their rights to obtaining a gun if they feel that they are threatened and that they need to give up a piece of comfort and sanity just to adhere to another state’s problems. This may produce the opposite effect for Michigan and put them at risk of an increase in crime in other ways rather than guns. An example, of this is described by Todd in his article. He explains that “there was a massacre in Virginia which took place at a law school, was stopped by two students that had handguns” (Coates, Pearson) Todd gives this example to contrast the idea that equal state laws will improve society, because many will oblige by the fact that guns are not negative to society. However, the debate over gun control should be covered by government leaders and they should come to a reasoning that supports a common ground. If this common ground can not be achieved then the government as a whole needs to consider the losses of innocent lives that have taken place as a result of gun crimes. Furthermore, a renewal of the “Assault Weapons Ban” would benefit the standing policies currently and provide a more secure way to obtain a firearm/assault weapons. This policy will also restrict private sales of firearms in an attempt to rid the “gun show loophole”. Changes in obtaining a concealed weapons license will make it more difficult to obtain a firearm around

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