Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Over the eighteen years of my life, I feel like my ideological perspectives have only truly fluctuated within the last five to eight years. Growing up all I truly wanted was to be happy and for everyone around me to be happy. However, as I grow older I have begun to understand the complexity of trying to make everyone happy and that a lot of individual happiness stems from political association. For myself, my views vary between the liberal and conservative sides depending on the specific situation, and so many of those views have changed over time through experiences and increased knowledge. One of the biggest controversial topics in America is about gun control. Some believe the government should increase gun control and others believe it’s truly the right of the citizen to decide if they should possess a gun or not. Before truly learning the facts I believed that the government should increase gun control because then there would be fewer guns in the public which would lead to decreased violence and crime. As I thought about it more I realized, the government can increase gun control and take away guns, but that doesn’t mean people will actually give them up. In this situation the people who would actually give up their guns would tend to be the ones you want to own a gun if something went wrong. Other people who would be instigating the violence wouldn’t give up their guns in the first place, and therefore the law doesn’t provide a lot more safety for citizens. Because of the government not being able to completely remove guns from society with success, I believe that the people of the United States should be allowed to have their own firearms. Another important topic in America today is if abortion should be legal. In this topic I have always had the same view, but I do see both sides of the argument. On one side the baby is a person, so having an abortion would be like murdering a person. However, on the other side it should be up to the woman because she should have the right to decide if she can provide for the baby and give the baby a good life. A lot of women feel that if they are unable to provide a proper life for the baby then it shouldn’t be born. Also, in some cases, women who are sexual

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