Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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The Problem with Guns
The idea and practice of “gun-control” is needs to change. The mass shootings around the nation show that gun violence in the United States of America is an epidemic. To battle the carnage, to keep our children and citizenry safe, some jurisdictions, schools, and public venues have enacted “gun-free” zones and advocated restricting gun ownership. Columbine High School was a gun-free zone. Virginia Tech? Gun free. Cinemark Theater, Aurora, Colorado, Sandy Hook Elementary, and the Pulse Nightclub, they were all “gun-free” zones. The baseball field where the shooting took place this month, just south of our nation’s capital, has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Gun control measures as practiced by most jurisdictions—i.e. “gun-free zones,” an act imposed by the government upon the people in an effort to change behavior—an effort working from the outside in have failed. Notwithstanding the intent, these laws do nothing to empower or protect law abiding citizens. Furthermore, keeping law abiding citizens from being able to defend, protect, and save themselves is irresponsible as it is horrific.
Statistics show compared to other nations, the United States has the highest gun ownership rate—112 firearms per 100 civilians. 1 These numbers make it seem that there is an overabundance of firearms in the U.S. To protect the citizens it might make sense, as some proponents advocate, to restrict gun ownership to a few. This hasn’t worked

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