Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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In an editorial published in the Vidette Online titled “We Need Gun Control Now More Than Ever,” the editorial board takes on the topic of the need for stricter gun control. The editorial board reports that if gun control isn’t more strictly enforced it will only create more mass shootings. They make the point that if there was stricter gun control many people would still be living, but their lives have been cut short because of mass shootings. The editorial board is correct when they go on to say enough is enough and we need to figure out a way to stop these mass shootings (“Editorial: We”). However, the board is not correct when they make the statement that putting an end to mass shooting is going to be solved by banning firearms all…show more content…
In the editorial the Vidette Online they make the point that lives are more important than steel. In this statement the Vidette Online is correct. However, gun control in America is one of the most difficult things for many people to have an open perspective on. The Vidette Online says that it appears that caring about someone’s right to a gun is more important than caring about someone’s right to live. What many people don’t understand that is many gun control advocates say that if gun laws made it much more difficult to purchase firearms and if more firearms were banned people would be much safer (Haskins). For instance, many states with the lowest crime rates including homicide rates also have the fewest limits on gun ownership (Haskins). There is data to prove that even the states with higher gun ownership rates which include Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, West Virginia, and Wyoming (Haskins). If gun-control supporters are correct about the dangers of firearms these six states would have a significantly higher crime rate (Haskins). On the other hand, many cities with low legal gun ownership rates such as Chicago have extremely high gun related murder rates (Haskins). It is not about the gun laws that are going to put an end to mass shootings. Another, big topic of gun control is banning semi-automatic weapons. In the Vidette Online they make the point that
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