Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control In today’s society, people deal with many issues that are very controversial, affecting social politics on a main level. From homosexual rights to the legalization of marijuana, many people are faced daily with argumentative conflicts controlling one’s thoughts and decisions. The most prominent issue we face today deals with gun control at its entirety. The right to bear arms, as stated in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, has caused a large impact on the control of gun and ongoing violence in modern day America. For some of these Americans, they believe the issue is diminishing basic rights and uses the “protection” mechanism in defense. While others believe that having certain restrictions on gun usage could make it safer for society and decrease gun-related violence, some feel that excess gun control can hinder families and lives that thrive on support from shooting tournaments, hunting, etc. The right to bear arms meaning in 1789 to 2017 has drastically changed in ways that a “modern world” was not taken into thought when created. Depending on the person or context this amendment is in depends on the way the person views the law. The historic view claims to be centered on people being able to carry guns for the use of military reasons only. The modern view claims to be centered on letting all Americans have the individual right to carry weapons as they see fit and cannot be infringed. These separate yet intriguing views are part of the
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