Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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Gun Violence Acts of violence involving a gun is definitely a social norm in this day and age as mass shootings and cases involving firearms increase daily. Many cases like Sandy Hook and our most recent Vegas mass shooting have shown us how easy it is to acquire and use gun as well as assault weapons. Just this year, there has been over 40,000 incidents involving a gun according to The Gun Violence Archive. The regulation of said weaponry through gun control allows for a safer environment revolving around the use and availability of firearms. With stricter gun laws, the number of victims shall decrease and lives will be saved. The rate of victims to gun violence is exceedingly high, but if the Second Amendment is changed or even repealed, this could alter the percentage of death and injuries. The lack of gun control is responsible for a large portion of death in the United States. Statistically, according to BBC News, in a study of a 100,000 people per country the U.S had the largest death ratio. Sixty percent of firearms belonged to citizens of the United States (Guns in the US: The statistics behind the violence). The study alone was on homicides committed in the different countries using firearms, if suicides and accidents had been included the number in the US would have increased significantly. These numbers should not be taken lightly as they should motivate our government to make a change because they prove the danger of gun possession. Furthermore, firearms increase the number of casualties. In an article written by Kerry Shaw, the author expresses how multiple people are at risk during an attack when the attacker is in possession of a gun. She touches upon the fact that the targeted victim is not the only life at risk when others are around (Shaw). Though Shaw’s article is on domestic abuse, the points she makes relate to any situation in which the aggressor has a firearm. The presence of a gun instantly catapults the lives at stake in these types of situations and therefore adds to the number of victims. In addition, the accessibility of firearms add to their danger. While other countries deal with struggles like mental illness and war, the United States has a far larger enemy within gun
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