Argumentative Essay On Health Care Reform

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The unprecedented rise in the cost of health care is challenging businesses, households and government alike. Meanwhile, nearly 50 million did not have coverage in 2010. Furthermore, while health care costs are steadily increasing, higher cost does not necessarily translate as better quality, and some care providers are actually able to offer high-quality care while reducing cost. Something has to give, but reforming our health care system is a complex task. Any reform measures should address several important problems in our current system: ensuring that all Americans have access to care, and not just emergency care but prevention services and care for chronic conditions; bringing costs under control; and maintaining or improving quality of care. While some reform proposals are more dramatic than others, any significant effort to fix the problems will involve substantial change and affect everyone— one reason why the topic is such a magnet for controversy. But with spiraling prices, millions uninsured and worsening health care performance compared to other countries, we’ve reached a point where kicking the issue down the road for others to address, as we’ve done for many decades, would be economically disastrous and morally irresponsible.

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Much of American health care goes to treat diseases and conditions that could be prevented. For example, poor lifestyles such as a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits have contributed to a soaring rate of obesity among adult Americans that make chronic illnesses more likely. Excessive drinking and smoking contribute toward many other diseases. Medical costs of people with largely preventable chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes account for 75 percent of the $2 trillion spent annually on health care in the U.S. The delivery of medical care in the
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