Argumentative Essay On Heathers

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In the film Heathers, one would agree the primary catalyst that moves the plot forward would have to be the suicides set up by Veronica Sawyer and Jason Deen. While the movie is satirical and does not portray a realistic rhetoric situation, it does make one ponder whether doing harm to a particular person they dislike would solve any issues. I am currently attending high school and speaking from my own experience, harming someone you dislike is not the solution. I firmly believe that harming or harassing someone you dislike will not solve anything and I propose the best solution is to be brave and stand up against them. An instance where harming an individual backfired tremendously would be Veronica’s the first victim, Heather Chandler. Veronica absolutely loathed Heather Chandler and wanted her out of her life. The simple thing she could have done was break ties with the Heathers and find new friends. Instead, Veronica and Jason kill Heather Chandler, which results in her becoming the center of attention at the school. This further backfires when everyone (nearly everyone) starts feeling sympathetic for her, as her “suicide note” read that she felt trapped and that “ one knew the real me.” Not to mention that later on in the movie, Heather Duke appoints herself as the new Heather, which shows that if you take down someone, someone else will be there take their place. If Veronica had just broken her ties with the Heathers and be indifferent about her social ranking,

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